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Braintank Con 2012 Call For Papers

This is a convention for the hacker and maker community; if you're reading this, it's entirely likely we're talking about you. Sure, we can drum up a bunch of good content on our own, but really, this is about getting you out in front of an audience and showing them what you've been up to!
Usually conferences put out their call for papers months in advance, hoping to attract people who've been working on the latest cutting-edge stuff to come and show it off for the first time. This is great, if you want to come see people talk about the latest cutting edge stuff in highly-specialized areas. We're taking things at a slightly different pace. Our goal is to cross-pollinate ideas across various skillsets, introducing people to things they have some interest in, but little exposure to; encouraging people who've never spoken to an audience before (and may not consider themselves an expert on the topic they're talking about) is what we're encouraging here - sometimes the best person to introduce a topic to beginners, is someone who's a beginner in the topic themselves.
So we've geared the schedule to get a lot of talks into one day, without you having to prepare massive amounts of material to present. We have 7, 14, 21 and 28 minute time slots available, in either the Hacker or Maker Tracks. Here's the kind of talks we're looking for:

  • Introductions to key skills for beginners
    • Reckon you can send someone away knowing how to use a 555 timer in cool ways, in 7 minutes?
    • Given 14 minutes and an audience, could you leave a roomful of people being able to tell others what Cross-Site Scripting is?
  • Topics that appeal to a crossover audience
    • In 21 minutes, how many ways can you show people how a software-defined radio can be used in a security audit?
    • Is it possible to teach an audience of electronics hobbyists how to build a standalone bluetooth hardware packet capture device in 28 minutes?

With that said, let's get a few ground rules out the way:

  • Must be your original work (your own or in collaboration with others)
  • If the talk is about something you're selling (for instance, a hardware kit) we may choose to ask you to buy a vendor table instead (at our discretion).
  • The available time slots are tiered towards more of the shorter slots, fewer of the longer ones. Shorter talks are more likely to be selected. That said, don't short-sell yourself, if you think you need more time for a topic, pick what you think you need.
  • If you've got something you want to send the audience away with (code, links to resources, etc), supply it and we'll include it on the conference CD.
  • Cut-off date for submissions is 12:01am August 20th, 2012
  • We'll contact accepted speakers by email and phone after August 24th, 2012
  • Timeslots will be assigned and communicated by September 9th, 2012
  • Speaking hours at the conference run from 10am to 6pm

Ok folks, that's the general idea: if you have a question we haven't answered here, email us at or on twitter @thebraintank

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